43rd International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security (SafeComp)

17-20 September 2024, Florence, Italy

Established in 1979 by the European Workshop on Industrial Computer Systems, Technical Committee 7 on Reliability, Safety and Security (EWICS TC7), SafeComp has contributed to the progress of the state-of-the-art in dependable application of computers in safety-related and safety-critical systems.

SafeComp is an annual event covering the state-of-the-art, experience and new trends in the areas of safety, security and reliability of critical computer applications. SafeComp provides ample opportunity to exchange insights and experience on emerging methods, approaches, and practical solutions. It is a single-track conference allowing easy networking.

This 43rd edition of SAFECOMP is a unique occasion to explore and debate hot topics of current challenges and solutions for future safety critical systems.

Accepted Position Papers.

Accepted Position Papers. The accepted Position Papers are available.

New Main Sponsor.

New Main Sponsor. We welcome Imaginery as a main SafeComp 2024 sponsor!

New Main Sponsor.

New Main Sponsor. We welcome SICK as a main SafeComp 2024 sponsor!

Program and Keynotes announcement.

Program and Keynotes announcement. Tentative Program and Keynote Speakers at SafeComp 2024.

New Main Sponsor.

New Main Sponsor. We welcome SATODEV as a main SafeComp 2024 sponsor!

Registration portal is now open!

Registration portal is now open! You can register at:

New Sponsor.

New Sponsor. We welcome onboard ResilTech as a SafeComp 2024 sponsor!

Workshops open for submission!

Workshops open for submission! Workshops are accepting submissions of research papers! 

Workshops announced!

Workshops announced!  Five workshops are announced and open for submissions! 

New sponsor.

New sponsor. We welcome Critical System Labs and their Socrates collaboration platform as SAFECOMP 2024 sponsor!    

Deadline extended.

Deadline extended. Deadlines of paper submissions and workshop proposals have been extended.

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One month left . Submission deadline is approaching!

New associate partner.

New associate partner. We welcome onboard Logos RI!

Call for Papers.

Call for Papers. Submissions are open until 11 February 2024!

Supporting partners.

Supporting partners. 

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